About Us

The business owner, Darren Stewart started his journey in carpentry and joinery in the 1980’s as an apprentice at a Third generation joinery company in Ayrshire, Scotland and was able to learn the trade from some very skilled tradesman, spending 8 years predominantly on sash window restoration, and other traditional carpentry and joinery work.

Arriving in Sydney in 2001 he started almost immediately with a heritage builder in Glebe for a few years then moving on to a kitchen makeover company in Taren point.

2008 was the beginning of Old school carpentry, where he decided to get back to the roots of sash window restoration and repair, being told there wouldn’t be any market for it…. having worked many years out of the back of a van and in customers back yards, and an old friends ill health, and other timber suppliers closure essentially forced him into starting up the Sydney sash window factory, to be able to continue providing traditional sash window products, such as replacement cills, sashes, complete double hung sash and casement windows, etc. to both customers direct, builders and other sash window repair companies whilst still offering on-site repairs such as changing sash cords ‘resashing’ as many a customer calls it….draught sealing sash windows and changing spiral balances or glass.

For the last 4 years, we have and continue to improve the humble little factory by upgrading machinery and tooling to increase our capabilities.