Draught seal service

Old school carpentry invented this system in 2009, this method with these materials at least!  
We completely draught seal your window! That means the top sash , bottom sash and meeting rail ( middle)
Many companies tell you they are draught sealing your window and all they do is change the inner beads with seals on that  charge $800 + and call it a job Less than half of your window  Draught sealed for a lot more than I charge, and often using the brush pile which is suitable for maintenance free products such as UPVC  or aluminium. The brush pile tends to flatten out quickly and really does nothing beneficial for the windows performance and actually is detrimental after even a careful repainting, it’s inevitable it will get coated in such tricky areas. I did one job with it in 2009 and that was the last! 

We use a closed cell vinyl wrapped foam which is discrete and long lasting, gives the windows a ‘woosh woosh’ cuts down airborne dust, noise and draught.
A caveat, I would say your windows really need to be in ‘decent’ condition, particularly the meeting rails, however I can of course make a pair of new sashes incorporating the seal .