Sash cord replacement

Re-sashing as many customers like to call it… their mothers called it… and grandma before that…. So re-sashing it is! 

The most basic of jobs I take on, during WW2 many a housewife did this job themselves while the husbands were off at war, now it’s a dying art.

I pioneered the use of marine grade poly sash cord back in 2008 and have been using it ever since,  incomparable to cotton sash cord, doesn’t rot or stretch and is a lot better in many Sydney applications where there isn’t a pulley wheel to reduce friction.

I can do the bottom only, or the top and bottom ie. the complete window. There is also no need to be wasteful by changing all the original beading purely to push the price up! With care, the original stop bead ( staff bead ) and parting beads can be reused many times! After all, wood doesn’t grow on trees! …..

Of course, it is inevitable beads will break and need replacement, additional counterbalance needs to be added or a missing ‘pocket’  ( access panel to weight cavity) needs making along with a plethora of other issues which although rare, CAN eventuate.  Rest assured in 36 years I’ve seen most problems and can overcome and and adapt to them.

There’s always a new ‘issue’ to be found in sash window repairs, which keeps it interesting.