On Site Glazing

One of the most difficult things for me to learn as an apprentice was glazing, in particular, the effective use of linseed oil putty and making a neat tradesman-like job with it! lol

Many years and miles of putty beads later, I’d say I’ve gotten to grips with it, so no more  putty anxiety 
I can remove the old glass, cut and install a new piece at your home! So no need to take the Windows away and board the house up like an inexperienced window repair company or handyman might do, which would have to increase the cost significantly!  
Glass upgrades such as laminate and thermally efficient glazing are also available,  done in a similar manner with the exception of modifying the depth of the glass rebate to facilitate the thick glass and increasing the counterweight to suit.
Done it many times with great success, we’ve got this